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I DIGRESS is a story of a bicycle messenger/poet who is experiencing a quarter-life crisis in the form of a career decision. Throughout his meandering narration, he receives advice that pushes him one way and then another until he finally faces his deadline for making his decision. Adding humor and texture to the story, the narrator interacts with an eccentric street preacher, a homeless man with sage advice, a tai-chi-leading grandma, an overbearing boss, a girl in the park, and a slew of other quirky characters that are quick to share their two cents. Intermingled throughout the story are also puns, poems, and late 90s references. Being set in early days of cell phones and the dot-com boom, I Digress is a subtle reminder of the joys of conversation and face-to-face interactions, of the wonders of nature, of the peace of mind that comes from quiet contemplation, and of the idea that we do not need to escape ourselves or our surroundings to find meaningful enjoyment.

B. A. Hudson

B. A. Hudson is an author and humorist who writes true stories about fake people or fake stories about true people but rarely fake stories about fake people or true stories about true people. Born in a part of Indiana that is divided up into grids, that didn’t take part in Daylight Savings, and that isn’t the most picturesque landscape, Hudson developed an innate sense of direction, punctuality, and humor that is unique to Midwesterners. Also having spent part of his youth in the Northwest, Hudson has seen much of America by train, car, and plane. During his formative years, Hudson was a seven-year-old rodeo prodigy, a logger, a ranch hand, a church janitor, a landscaper, a summer camp director, a grain elevator worker, an art gallery attendant, a bookstore clerk, a night watchman, and an occasional poet.  After thoroughly experiencing small-town and rural America, Hudson moved to the big city of Nashville, Tennessee, back when Nashville wasn’t as hip as it is now. He now shares his Midwestern sense of direction, punctuality, and humor with his Southern wife and daughter, his two cats, and any of the students that care to listen to him as he teaches English at a local state university.

Praise for I Digress

I Digress belongs in Oprah’s Book Club! Does anyone have her email?”
– the author

“I read this book on my iPhone.”
– a person born in 1999

“Hudson’s writing strikes the perfect balance between James Joyce and Jim Gaffigan.”
– a literary critic

“He’s no Dr. Suess.”
– the author’s daughter

“It’s sweet, and I love it, and it’s the best story ever.”
– the author’s wife

“Check out my book, Saras in Exile.”
– the author’s brother, Robert K. Hudson

The Author’s Notebook

Miscellaneous Writings

The Ballad of Tybald and Poppell

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Pumpkin Noir

I have a great deal of anxiety for the pumpkin sitting on my front porch. Not because of it—for it. I think of that pumpkin when I’m turning off the lights in the evening.  I think of the pumpkin if I happen to hear an odd sound in the middle of the night. I’ll glance...

Tragedy, Comedy, and Heroism on the Yellowstone River

Expecting the Yellowstone River to be quick flowing and mostly whitewater, we did not pack along our fishing gear on our Black Canyon hike. This seemed to make great sense because extra weight in the pack means extra work carrying that weight, and, as we expected, the...

Three Memories

My earliest memory is barely a memory. It’s just a series of images intermingled with concepts and emotions. There’s no dialogue, or at least the dialogue is now muffled by time. It’s a slide show of scenes that cycles through with the rest of my earliest memories....