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Something to work on in 2019…


There once was a squirrel named Tybald

who played music wherever he travelled.

He could sing and could dance

and he did so through France

keeping the time whilst he fiddled.


There once was a cat named Poppell

who busked for coins to the cap full.

She played tunes on her squeeze box

which she stole from a sly fox

when he failed to solve her riddle.


By chance it happened in Prague

that Poppell met Tybald on a log.

He was playing a ditty

that she’d heard as a kitty,

so she showed him her moves in a clog.


Soon cheering crowds gathered round

to hear the old folksy sound.

They laughed and hoorayed

while the two danced away

kicking their heels off the ground.


Soon their revelries had finished, 

so the crowds then diminished.

Tybald asked a question:

“Please be my best friend”

and to that Poppell gladly relinquished.


Ever since that fortuitous day,

you can hear them sing and play.

They’ll come to your square,

perform for whomever’s there

then leave on their merry way.


There once was a bear named Boris

Who lived deep in the northern forest.

He really love to sing

Especially in the spring

When he sang bass in the animal chorus.


One stormy evening in May 

Tybald and Popple were passing his way,

when it started to rain

and they began to complain,

“We sure need some place to stay!”


Out his window Boris them spied

And with his big thunderous voice he cried

If you want to get out of the storm

Please come in where it is warm

And visit until your things are all dried.


His booming voice at first did them fright

But his cabin was lit with a warm light.

So into the cabin they walked

And ate, sang, laughed, and talked

Long into the wee hours of the night.